These holds have been shaped and produced according to AFNOR Rock Climbing Holds European Standards.
Beside, VOLX CLIMBING has been for years an active member of the group of compagnies participating to the establishment, modification of the current standards.

You can download and consult the EN 12572-3 standard document


“Hollow” Technology

Borrowed from production methods used in the car or aeronautics industry to make complex parts, then adapted for our pouring method, this procedure enables us to produce hollow holds, which are lighter and easier to use.


All our holds are equipped with the Double Bolt System (DBS) so they can be used either with Socket Head Cap / CHC BTR (8 mm – H) bolts or Flat Socket Head / conical countersunk bolts FHC BTR (6 mm – H).

The new round head screw Button Head / BHC (6 mm – H) enables flat clamping on the XS hold models. So you can preserve your wooden structure from drilling screwholes, while still fixing technical micro holds on it.

You can also use this type of hold on concrete walls. On request, we can supply INOX screws.


Volx uses the best Urethane plastic available on the US market to have its holds produced on the US territory. our formula is among the most competitive in terms of breakage resistance, weight ratio and grip/texture durability. A softer feel will allow you to train even longer!
Look for this step forward!